Modeled after world-famous integrative centers
In Medin Healing Center we treat serious, protracted and other illnesses and disorders afflicting the everyday man. We heal in a brand new integrative way, which is unfortunately still relatively unknown in Slovenia, but already well established elsewhere in the developed world.

Integrative approach
We treat our clients integrally, using a combination of various therapeutic methods to treat the body as well as the biofield* and the mind, so our healing methods can be effective even when conventional medicine has no more solutions to offer. Our therapies are carried out either independently or as support to regular or conventional treatment. We educate for a healthier lifestyle.

Based on our own research and development
We are not yet sufficiently aware of the fact that healing through the biofield is key to the health of body and mind. We therefore put special emphasis on healing the biofield with electromagnetic therapies. The methods we use are based on our own research as well as others’. They combine valuable findings of contemporary medicine, bioelectromagnetics and psychology, as well as the tested and established experience of alternative and complementary medicine – for efficient and painless healing.

Highly trained staff
Besides their respective education in medicine, health, psychosomatics and other relevant expertise, the doctors, healers and other therapists in our center also have special skills and knowledge in the fields of alternative and complementary medicine and, even more importantly, years of experience with treating of serious illnesses.

* biofield is the organisms’ own bioelectromagnetic field